Platy Breeding: Is easy and effortless job

These are a colorful, hardy and quite well-known fish. They were one particular from the initial tropical species being kept in aquaria, and have maintained their appeal ever since. Water ailments usually are not critical for platy breeding and they will happily spawn in a community tank.

Identifying the sex of these fish is not too complicated. Mature males have a modified anal fin, a tube-like structure called a gonopodium, whilst the female has a fan shaped anal fin and a additional rounded body and is also commonly larger than her male counterpart. The species will readily crossbreed so to stay clear of hybrids they ought to be kept in separate tanks. Platy Breeding is effortless without having additional conditioning but feeding with live foods such as white worms, mosquito larvae and brine shrimp for a few weeks before spawning can assist develop stronger, healthier fry.

In platy breeding courtship, the male will fan his fins and position himself in front of the female then will transfer sperm from the gonopodium into the vent of the female. The gestation period is about twenty-eight days and the female grows fatter develops a gravid spot which darken in color close to delivery time.

Shortly before giving birth, the female may possibly hide and turn out to be quieter than usual, looking for a safe place to give birth. She may perhaps also go off food at this time. This is when she is usually removed to a breeding trap or separate tank to make sure the survival of the fry. If she is left within the community tank, the chances from the fry surviving are not wonderful. Brood sizes vary significantly and might range from just a few fry to almost one hundred, depending on quite a few factors such as the age, size and health in the female.